I feel so damn good on my chair
I play the piano
I watch the dogs run away
It’s cold down here
and I can’t find my sweater
the sun can barely appear
on this darkest letter

I’ll be better than yours
I’ll take chances today
I’m alone, I’m alone and I like it

I’m looking for money
and I don’t have a home
the carpet is covered with dust
trees drop their honey

Oh oh oh

The neighbors, angry again
I didn’t do nothing
they’re bothering instead of living their own
lifes in peace

Dream I? sleep or blind?
I’m gonna take a nap
restless head runs & reveals

Wash my face with truth
naked skin has gone
red hat comes to me
like the paint on the wall

The rain is laughing at us
with stormy affairs
changing personalities
staying outside the door

I cry, dancing at night
holding me apart
listen to the music out loud
chairs Just waiting for me to write.

Oh oh oh

Listen now

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