I could fly, to stay above
I need a little courage here
on my way from me

Some distance is just better
If it’s worth it
life gives you all the experience
that you can take
I just notice that I’m not ok
and that I’m afraid

I ain’t got no time
to thrill and no space, ooh
two times of think of This
I know how I pray
just to do it all

But I move myself trying
It’s hard to face it
black stones in hell
life gives you back
what you gave ooh
but I’m not the only one

Saying crazy, feeling liberty
round and round
stable, what I’m thinking?

Feeling wrong, guilty, nauseous
sad, unknown, lost and found
slow breathtaking

I do what I gotta do always
but I’m just going crazy about you
I’m crying about something
about you all the time

Something ‘bout the time
Is wrong here
looking for something from me.

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