I can’t be just like the other girls
I’m gone away, I’m myself
Seeing me perfectly as I do not want to be
simple it is
They want a follower, who has nothing to say

No make-up on
bad words to say
can’t cook at all
no high heels on

Talking ‘bout things, that no one wanted to know
I seem weird for not wearing the same things as everyone else
there is insecurity all around us, teaching us to be like that

Hairstyle, groomie
polite and right
discreet and nice
trend all the time

If I do not wear nice clothes they think I’m a bad person
that’s what it is
Mirrors are not for self-criticism or for pride
forget about it
They want to be skinny and look at themselves
in an impossible way

The truth is all
organic thought
not pretend
learn somewhere

The people can’t see you in the eye
because they have better things to do.

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